Cleft travel team for poor people (CTTP), 8 years experience 
Kalantar-Hormozi,AJ,Plastic surgeon, Head of Pediatric CMF, SBMU
From 2008, Iranian national team for cleft surgery in underdeveloped areas by local plastic surgeons was funded.
The main reason for this authority was a noticeable number of cleft patients who were seeking treatment for their clefts around the country  in a late period mainly because of poor economic conditions.


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Additionally, due to low social level, they traveled to large cities without basic information and making appointment .
On the other hand, they were obliged to pay a lot of money for accommodation during their stay for appointment and probable surgical treatment.
These  sequences made a long queue for receiving surgical and other complementary services.
By funding a committee, a numbers of plastic surgeons decided to introduce a proposal to offer their surgical services in small towns and villages.
This team started with 5 members at first and gradually increased to 40.
Areas for receiving services were predetermined, by receiving data from local medical manager.
During 8 years , 16 trips occurred and by that more than 10000 patients visited. From this 750 cleft 
Patients were operated at their living place.
Eighty percent of patients were cleft lip and palate and remainder included different types of facial clefts, anomaly,syndromic and non syndromic synostosis.
During 4-6 days of staying , noncomplicated cases scheduled and operated in local hospitals and difficult ones referred to equipped academic centers.
Age of patients varied  from 3 months to 50 years.

All visits and surgeries was done for free of charge.